— 229 —
Good and Evil what.       §2. Things then are Good or Evil, only in reference to Pleasure or
Pain. That we call Good, which is apt to cause or increase Pleasure, or
diminish Pain in us; or else to procure, or preserve us the possession of any
other Good, or absence of any Evil. And on the contrary we name that
Evil, which is apt to produce or increase any Pain, or diminish any Pleasure
in us; or else to procure us any Evil, or deprive us of any Good. By Pleasure
and Pain, I must be understood to mean of Body or Mind, as they
are commonly distinguished; though in truth, they be only differ-
ent Constitutions of the Mind, sometimes occasioned by disorder in
the Body, sometimes by Thoughts of the Mind.
Locke Hum II, 20, §2, p. 229