— 227 —
      §2. These are some few instances of those various Modes of
thinking, which the Mind may observe in it self, and so have as
distinct Ideas of, as it hath of White and Red, a Square or a Circle. I do
not pretend to enumerate them all, nor to treat at large of this set
of Ideas, which are got from Reflection: That would be to make a
Volume. It suffices to my present purpose, to have shewn here, by
some few Examples, of what sort these Ideas are, and how the mind
comes by them; especially since I shall have occasion hereafter to
treat more at large of Reasoning, Judging, Volition, and Knowledge,
which are some of the most considerable Operations of the mind,
and Modes of thinking.
Locke Hum II, 19, §2, p. 227