— 224 —
      §6. In general it may be observed, that those simple Modes, which
are considered but as different degrees of the same simple Idea; though they
are in themselves many of them very distinct Ideas; yet have
— 225 —
ordinarily no distinct Names, nor are much taken notice of, as distinct
Ideas, where the difference is but very small between them. Whether
Men have neglected these modes, and given no Names to them, as
wanting measures nicely to distinguish them; or because when they
were so distinguished, that Knowledge would not be of general, or
necessary use, I leave it to the Thoughts of others; it is sufficient to
my purpose to shew, that all our simple Ideas come to our Minds
only by Sensation and Reflection; and that when the Mind has
them, it can variously repeat and compound them, and so make new
complex Ideas. But though White, Red, or Sweet, etc. have not been
modified, or made into complex Ideas, by several Combinations, so as
to be named, and thereby ranked into Species; yet some others of
the simple Ideas, viz. those of Unity, Duration, Motion, etc. above
instanced in, as also Power and Thinking have been thus modified
to a great variety of complex Ideas, with Names belonging to them.
Locke Hum II, 18, §6, pp. 224-225