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Chapter XVIII

Of other Simple Modes.

Modes of Motion.       §1. Thought I have in the foregoing Chapters, shewn how from
simple Ideas taken in by Sensation, the Mind comes to extend it self
even to Infinity. Which however it may, of all others, seem most
remote from any sensible Perception, yet at last hath nothing in it,
but what is made out of simple Ideas: received into the Mind by the
Senses, and afterwards there put together, by the Faculty the Mind
has to repeat its own Ideas. Though, I say, these might be instances
enough of simple Modes of the simple Ideas of Sensation; and suffice
to shew, how the mind comes by them: yet I shall for Methods sake,
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though briefly, give an account of some few more, and then proceed
to more complex Ideas.
Locke Hum II, 18, §1, pp. 223-224