— 223 —
All these Ideas from Sensation and Reflection.       §22. If I have dwelt pretty long on the Considerations of
Duration, Space, and Number; and what arises from the Contem-
plation of them, Infinity, ’tis possibly no more, than the matter
requires, there being few simple Ideas, whose Modes give more
exercise to the Thoughts of Men, than these do. I pretend not to
treat of them in their full Latitude: it suffices to my Design, to
shew, how the Mind receives them, such as they are, from Sensation
and Reflection; And how even the Idea we have of Infinity, how
remote soever it may seem to be from any Object of Sense, or
Operation of our Mind, has nevertheless, as all our other Ideas,
its Original there. Some Mathematicians, perhaps, of advanced
Speculations, may have other ways to introduce into their Minds
Ideas of Infinity: But this hinders not, but that they themselves, as
well as all other Men, got the first Ideas, which they had of Infinity,
from Sensation and Reflection, in the method we have here set
Locke Hum II, 17, §22, p. 223