— 220 —
What is positive, what negative, in our Idea of Infinite.       §19. Every one that looks towards Infinity, does, as I have said,
at first glance make some very large Idea of that which he applies it
— 221 —
to, let it be Space, or Duration; and possibly he wearies his Thoughts,
by multiplying in his mind that first large Idea: But yet by that he
comes no nearer to the having a positive clear Idea of what remains, to
make up a positive Infinite, than the Country-fellow had of the
Water, which was yet to come, and pass the Channel of the River
where he stood:
Rusticus expectat dum transeat amnis, at ille
Labitur, et labetur in omne volubilis aevum.
Horace, Epistles , I, ii, 42-3.

Locke Hum II, 17, §19, pp. 220-221