— 217 —
      §14. They who would prove their Idea of Infinite to be positive,
seem to me to do it by a pleasant Argument, taken from the
Negation of an end; which being negative, the Negation of it is
positive. He that considers, that the end is in Body but the ex-
tremity or superficies of that Body, will not, perhaps, be forward to
grant, that the end is a bare negative: And he that perceives the
end of his Pen is black or white, will be apt to think, that the end is
something more than a pure Negation. Nor is it, when applied to
Duration, the bare Negation of Existence, but more properly the
last moment of it. But if they will have the end to be nothing but the
bare Negation of Existence, I am sure they cannot deny, but that
the beginning is the first instant of Being, and is not by any Body
conceived to be a bare Negation; and therefore by their own
Argument, the Idea of Eternal, à parte ante, or of a Duration without
a beginning, is but a negative Idea.
Locke Hum II, 17, §14, p. 217