— 212 —
And so of Duration.       §5. As, by the power we find in our selves of repeating, as often
as we will, any Idea of Space, we get the Idea of Immensity; so, by
being able to repeat the Idea of any length of Duration, we have in
our Minds, with all the endless addition of Number, we come by the
Idea of Eternity. For we find in our selves, we can no more come to an
end of such repeated Ideas, than we can come to the end of Number,
which every one perceives he cannot. But here again ’tis another
question, quite different from our having an Idea of Eternity, to
know whether there were any real Being, whose Duration has been
eternal. And as to this I say, He that considers something now
existing, must necessarily come to something eternal. But having
spoke of this in another place, I shall say here no more of it, but
proceed on to some other Considerations of our Idea of Infinity.
Locke Hum II, 17, §5, p. 212