— 210 —
How we come by the Idea of Infinity.       §3. Every one, that has any Idea of any stated lengths of Space,
as a Foot, finds, that he can repeat that Idea; and joining it to the
former, make the Idea of two Foot; and by the addition of a third,
three Foot; and so on, without ever coming to an end of his
additions, whether of the same Idea of a Foot, or if he pleases of
doubling it, or any other Idea he has of any length, as a Mile, or
— 211 —
Diameter of the Earth, or of the Orbis Magnus: for whichsoever of
these he takes, and how often soever he doubles, or any otherwise
multiplies it, he finds, that after he has continued this doubling in
his Thoughts, and enlarged his Idea, as much as he pleases, he has
no more reason to stop, nor is one jot nearer the end of such
Addition, than he was at first setting out; the power of enlarging
his Idea of Space by farther Additions, remaining still the same, he
hence takes the Idea of infinite Space.
Locke Hum II, 17, §3, pp. 210-211