— 210 —
The Idea of Finite easily got.       §2. Finite then, and Infinite, being by the Mind look’d on as
modifications of Expansion and Duration, the next thing to be
considered is, How the Mind comes by them. As for the Idea of Finite,
there is no great difficulty. The obvious portions of Extension, that
affect our Senses, carry with them into the Mind the Idea of Finite:
and the ordinary periods of Succession, whereby we measure Time
and Duration, as Hours, Days, and Years, are bounded Lengths.
The difficulty is, how we come by those boundless Ideas of Eternity
and Immensity, since the Objects, which we converse with, come so
much short of any approach or proportion to that Largeness.
Locke Hum II, 17, §2, p. 210