— 205 —
Each Mode distinct.       §3. The simple modes of Number are of all other the most distinct; every
the least Variation, which is an unite, making each Combination, as
clearly different from that, which approacheth nearest to it, as the
most remote; two being as distinct from one, as Two hundred; and
the Idea of Two, as distinct from the Idea of Three, as the Magni-
tude of the whole Earth, is from that of a Mite. This is not so in
other simple Modes, in which it is not so easie, nor, perhaps, possible
for us to distinguish betwixt two approaching Ideas, which yet are
really different. For who will undertake to find a difference between
the white of this Paper, and that of the next degree to it: Or can
form distinct Ideas of every the least excess in Extension?
Locke Hum II, 16, §3, p. 205