— 205 —
Chapter XVI

Of Number.

Number the simplest and most universal Idea.       §1. Amongst all the Ideas we have, as there is none suggested to
the Mind by more ways, so there is none more simple, than that of
Unity, or One: it has no shadow of Variety or Composition in it:
every Object our Senses are employed about; every Idea in our
Understandings; every Thought of our Minds brings this Idea
along with it. And therefore it is the most intimate to our Thoughts,
as well as it is, in its Agreement to all other things, the most uni-
versal Idea we have. For Number applies it self to Men, Angels,
Actions, Thoughts, every thing that either doth exist, or can be
Locke Hum II, 16, §1, p. 205