— 203 —
Duration is as a Line, Expansion as a Solid.       §11. But yet there is this manifest difference between them, That
the Ideas of Length, which we have of Expansion, are turned every way,
and so make Figure, and Breadth, and Thickness; but Duration is but
as it were the length of one streight Line, extended in infinitum, not
capable of Multiplicity, Variation, or Figure; but is one common
measure of all Existence whatsoever, wherein all things whilst they
exist, equally partake. For this present moment is common to all
things, that are now in being, and equally comprehends that part
of their Existence, as much as if they were all but one single Being;
and we may truly say, they all exist in the same moment of Time.
Whether Angels and Spirits have any Analogy to this, in respect of
Expansion, is beyond my Comprehension: and, perhaps, for us, who
have Understandings and Comprehensions, suited to our own
Preservation, and the ends of our own Being, but not to the reality
and extent of all other Beings, ’tis near as hard to conceive any
Existence, or to have an Idea of any real Being, with a perfect
Negation of all manner of Expansion; as it is, to have the Idea of any
real Existence, with a perfect Negation of all manner of Duration:
And therefore what Spirits have to do with Space, or how they
communicate in it, we know not. All that we know is, that Bodies
do each singly possess its proper Portion of it, according to the
— 204 —
extent of its solid Parts; and thereby exclude all other Bodies from
having any share in that particular portion of Space, whilst it
remains there.
Locke Hum II, 15, §11, pp. 203-204