— 199 —
Sometimes for so much of either, as we design by measures taken from the bulk or motion of Bodies.       §7. Secondly, Sometimes the word Time is used in a larger sense,
and is applied to Parts of that infinite Duration, not that were really
distinguished and measured out by this real Existence, and periodi-
cal Motions of Bodies that were appointed from the Beginning to be
for Signs, and for Seasons, and for Days, and Years, Gen. 1: 14. and are accord-
ingly our measures of time; but such other portions too of that
infinite uniform Duration, which we upon any occasion do suppose
— 200 —
equal to certain lengths of measured Time; and so consider them as
bounded and determined. For if we should suppose the Creation,
or Fall of the Angels, was at the Beginning of the Julian period, we
should speak properly enough, and should be understood, if we
said, ’tis a longer time since the Creation of Angels, than the Creation
of the World, by 764 years: Whereby we would mark out so much
of that undistinguished Duration, as we suppose equal to, and
would have admitted, 764 annual Revolutions of the Sun, moving
at the rate it now does. And thus likewise, we sometimes speak of
Place, Distance, or Bulk in the great Inane beyond the Confines of
the World, when we consider so much of that Space, as is equal
to, or capable to receive a Body of any assigned Dimensions, as a
Cubick-foot; or do suppose a Point in it, at such a certain distance
from any part of the Universe.
Locke Hum II, 15, §7, pp. 199-200