— 198 —
Time to Duration is as Place to Expansion.       §5. Time in general is to Duration, as Place to Expansion. They are
so much of those boundless Oceans of Eternity and Immensity, as is
set out and distinguished from the rest, as it were by Land-marks;
and so are made use of, to denote the Position of finite real Beings, in
respect one to another, in those uniform infinite Oceans of Duration
and Space. These rightly considered, are nothing but Ideas of deter-
— 199 —
minate Distances, from certain known points fixed in distinguish-
able sensible things, and supposed to keep the same distance one
from another. From such points fixed in sensible Beings we reckon,
and from them we measure out Portions of those infinite Quantities;
which so considered, are that which we call Time and Place. For
Duration and Space being in themselves uniform and boundless,
the Order and Position of things, without such known setled Points,
would be lost in them; and all things would lie jumbled in an
incurable Confusion.
Locke Hum II, 15, §5, pp. 198-199