— 197 —
Nor Duration by Motion.       §3. Just so is it in Duration. The Mind having got the Idea of any
length of Duration, can double, multiply, and enlarge it, not only beyond
its own, but beyond the existence of all corporeal Beings, and all the
measures of Time, taken from the great Bodies of the World, and
their Motions. But yet every one easily admits, That though we
make Duration boundless, as certainly it is, we cannot yet extend it
beyond all being. GOD, every one easily allows, fills Eternity; and
’tis hard to find a Reason, why any one should doubt, that he like-
wise fills Immensity: His infinite Being is certainly as boundless
one way as another; and methinks it ascribes a little too much to
Matter, to say, where there is no Body, there is nothing.
Locke Hum II, 15, §3, p. 197