— 196 —
Expansion not bounded by Matter.       §2. The Mind, having got the Idea of the length of any part of
Expansion, let it be a Span, or a Pace, or what length you will, can, as
— 197 —
has been said, repeat that Idea; and so adding it to the former,
enlarge its Idea of Length, and make it equal to two Spans, or two
Paces, and so as often as it will, till it equals the distance of any parts
of the Earth one from another, and increase thus, till it amounts to
the distance of the Sun, or remotest Star. By such a progression as
this, setting out from the place where it is, or any other place, it can
proceed and pass beyond all those lengths, and find nothing to stop
its going on, either in, or without Body. ’Tis true, we can easily in
our Thoughts come to the end of solid Extension; the extremity
and bounds of all Body, we have no difficulty to arrive at: But when
the Mind is there, it finds nothing to hinder its progress into this
endless Expansion; of that it can neither find nor conceive any end.
Nor let any one say, That beyond the bounds of Body, there is
nothing at all, unless he will confine GOD within the limits of
Matter. Solomon, whose Understanding was filled and enlarged with
Wisdom, seems to have other Thoughts, when he says, Heaven, and
the Heaven of Heavens, cannot contain Thee:
I Kgs. 8: 27; 2 Chr. 2: 6 and 6: 18. And he, I think, very much
magnifies to himself the Capacity of his own Understanding, who
persuades himself, that he can extend his Thoughts farther than
GOD exists, or imagine any Expansion where he is not.
Locke Hum II, 15, §2, pp. 196-197