— 195 —
      §30. For as in the History of the Creation delivered by Moses,
I can imagine that Light existed three days before the Sun was, or
had any motion, barely by thinking, that the duration of Light
before the Sun was created, was so long as (if the Sun had moved
then, as it doth now,) would have been equal to three of his diurnal
Revolutions; so by the same way I can have an Idea of the Chaos, or
Angels, being created before there was either Light, or any con-
tinued motion, a Minute, an Hour, a Day, a Year, or 1000 Years.
For if I can but consider Duration equal to one Minute, before either
the Being or Motion of any Body, I can add one Minute more till I
come to 60; And by the same way of adding Minutes, Hours, or
Years, (i.e. such or such parts of the Sun’s revolution, or any other
period whereof I have the Idea,) proceed in infinitum, and suppose a
duration exceeding as many such periods as I can reckon, let me add
whilst I will, which I think is the notion we have of Eternity, of
whose infinity we have no other notion, than we have of the infinity
of Number, to which we can add for ever without end.
Locke Hum II, 14, §30, p. 195