— 194 —
      §28. The notion of an Hour, Day, or Year, being only the Idea I
have of the length of certain periodical regular Motions, neither of
which Motions do ever all at once exist, but only in the Ideas I have
of them in my Memory derived from my Senses or Reflection, I can
with the same ease, and for the same reason, apply it in my Thoughts
to Duration antecedent to all manner of Motion, as well as to any
thing, that is but a Minute, or a Day, antecedent to the Motion,
that at this very moment the Sun is in. All things past are equally
and perfectly at rest; and to this way of consideration of them, are
all one, whether they were before the beginning of the World,
or but yesterday; the measuring of any Duration by some motion,
depending not at all on the real co-existence of that thing to that
motion, or any other Periods of Revolution, but the having a clear
Idea of the length of some periodical known Motion, or other intervals
of Duration in my Mind, and applying that to the Duration of the thing
I would measure.
Locke Hum II, 14, §28, p. 194