— 186 —
Ideas, however made, include no sense of Motion.       §16.Whether these several Ideas in a Man’s Mind be made by
certain Motions, I will not here dispute: But this I am sure, that
they include no Idea of Motion in their Appearance; and if a Man had
not the Idea of Motion otherwise, I think he would have none at all,
which is enough to my present Purpose; and sufficiently shews, that
the notice we take of the Ideas of our own Minds, appearing there
one after another, is that, which gives us the Idea of Succession and
Duration, without which we should have no such Ideas at all. ’Tis
not then, Motion, but the constant train of Ideas in our Minds, whilst
— 187 —
we are waking, that furnishes us with the Idea of Duration, whereof
Motion no otherwise gives us any Perception, than as it causes in
our Minds a constant Succession of Ideas, as I have before shewed:
and we have as clear an Idea of Succession, and Duration by the train
of other Ideas succeeding one another in our Minds, without the
Idea of any Motion, as by the train of Ideas caused by the uninter-
rupted sensible change of distance between two Bodies, which we
have from Motion; and therefore we should as well have the Idea of
Duration, were there no Sense of Motion at all.
Locke Hum II, 14, §16, pp. 186-187