— 186 —
The Mind cannot fix long on one invariable Idea.       §13. If it be so, that the Ideas of our Minds, whilst we have any
there, do constantly change, and shift in a continual Succession, it
would be impossible, may any one say, for a Man to think long of
any one thing: By which if it be meant, that a Man may have one
self-same single Idea a long time alone in his Mind, without any variation at
all, I think, in matter of Fact it is not possible, for which (not knowing
how the Ideas of our Minds are framed, of what Materials they are
made, whence they have their Light, and how they come to make
their Appearances,) I can give no other Reason but Experience: and
I would have any one try, whether he can keep one unvaried single
Idea in his Mind, without any other, for any considerable time
Locke Hum II, 14, §13, p. 186