— 185 —
This train the measure of other Successions.       §12. So that to me it seems, that the constant and regular Succession
of Ideas in a waking Man, is, as it were, the Measure and Standard of
all other Successions, whereof if any one either exceeds the pace of our
Ideas; as where two sounds or pains, etc. take up in their Succession
the Duration of but one Idea; or else where any Motion or Succession
is so slow, as that it keeps not pace with the Ideas in our Minds, or
the quickness, in which they take their turns; as when any one, or
more Ideas in their ordinary course come into our Mind between
those, which are offered to the sight, by the different perceptible
distances of a Body in Motion, or between Sounds, or Smells,
— 186 —
following one another, there also the Sense of a constant continued
Succession is lost, and we perceive it not, but with certain gaps of
rest between.
Locke Hum II, 14, §12, pp. 185-186