— 183 —
The Idea of Duration applicable to Things whilst we sleep.       §5. Indeed a Man having from reflecting on the Succession and
Number of his own Thoughts, got the Notion or Idea of Duration,
he can apply that Notion to things, which exist while he does not
think; as he, that has got the Idea of Extension from Bodies by his
Sight or Touch, can apply it to distances, where no Body is seen or
felt. And therefore, though a Man has no Perception of the length
of Duration, which past whilst he slept or thought not: yet having
observed the Revolution of Days and Nights, and found the length
of their Duration to be in Appearance regular and constant, he can,
upon the supposition, that that Revolution has proceeded after the
same manner, whilst he was asleep or thought not, as it used to do
at other times, he can, I say, imagine and make allowance for the
length of Duration, whilst he slept. But if Adam and Eve (when they
were alone in the World) instead of their ordinary Nights Sleep,
had passed the whole 24 hours in one continued Sleep, the Duration
of that 24 hours had been irrecoverably lost to them, and been for
ever left out of their Account of time.
Locke Hum II, 14, §5, p. 183