— 181 —
      §3. To understand Time and Eternity aright, we ought with
attention to consider what Idea it is we have of Duration, and how
— 182 —
we came by it. ’Tis evident to any one who will but observe what
Passes in his own Mind, that there is a train of Ideas, which con-
stantly succeed one another in his Understanding, as long as he is
awake. Reflection on these appearances of several Ideas one after
another in our Minds, is that which furnishes us with the Idea of
Succession : And the distance between any parts of that Succession, or
between the appearance of any two Ideas in our Minds, is that we
call Duration. For whilst we are thinking, or whilst we receive
successively several Ideas in our Minds, we know that we do exist;
and so we call the Existence, or the Continuation of the Existence of
our selves, or any thing else, Commensurate to the succession of any
Ideas in our Minds, the Duration of our selves, or any such other
thing co-existing with our Thinking.
Locke Hum II, 14, §3, pp. 181-182