— 175 —
Substance and Accidents of little use in Philosophy.       §19. They who first ran into the Notion of Accidents, as a sort of
real Beings, that needed something to inhere in, were forced to find
out the word Substance, to support them. Had the poor Indian
Philosopher (who imagined that the Earth also wanted something
to bear it up) but thought of this word Substance, he needed not to
have been at the trouble to find an Elephant to support it, and a
Tortoise to support his Elephant: The word Substance would have
done it effectually. And he that enquired, might have taken it for as
good an Answer from an Indian Philosopher, That Substance, without
knowing what it is, is that which supports the Earth, as we take
it for a sufficient Answer, and good Doctrine, from our European
Philosophers, That Substance without knowing what it is, is that
which supports Accidents. So that of Substance, we have no Idea of
what it is, but only a confused obscure one of what it does.
Locke Hum II, 13, §19, pp. 174-175