— 173 —
The definition of Extension explains it not.       §15. If any one ask me, What this Space, I speak of, is? I will tell
him, when he tells me what his Extension is. For to say, as is usually
done, That Extension is to have partes extra partes, is to say only,
That Extension is Extension: For what am I the better informed in the
nature of Extension, when I am told, That Extension is to have parts that
are extended, exterior to parts that are extended, i.e. Extension consists of
extended Parts? As if one asking, What a Fibre was; I should answer
him, That it was a thing made up of several Fibres: Would he
hereby be enabled to understand what a Fibre was, better than he
did before? Or rather, would he not have reason to think, that my
design was to make sport with him, rather than seriously to in-
struct him?
Locke Hum II, 13, §15, p. 173