— 168 —
      §6. For the Mind, having a Power to repeat the Idea of any length
directly stretched out, and join it to another in the same Direction,
which is to double the length of that streight Line; or else join it to
another with what Inclination it thinks fit, and so make what sort
of Angle it pleases: And being able also to shorten any Line it
imagines, by taking from it 1/2 or 1/4, or what part it pleases, without
being able to come to an end of any such Divisions, it can make an
— 169 —
Angle of any bigness: So also the Lines that are its sides, of what
length it pleases, which joining again to other Lines of different
lengths, and at different Angles, till it has wholly inclosed any
Space, it is evident that it can multiply Figures both in their Shape,
and Capacity, in infinitum, all which are but so many different
simple Modes of Space.
      The same that it can do with streight Lines, it can do also with
crooked, or crooked and streight together; and the same it can do
in Lines, it can also in Superficies, by which we may be led into
farther Thoughts of the endless Variety of Figures, that the Mind
has a Power to make, and thereby to multiply the simple Modes of
Locke Hum II, 13, §6, pp. 168-169