— 168 —
Figure.       §5. There is another Modification of this Idea, which is nothing
but the Relation which the Parts of the Termination of Extension,
or circumscribed Space have amongst themselves. This the Touch
discovers in sensible Bodies, whose Extremities come within our
reach; and the Eye takes both from Bodies and Colours, whose
Boundaries are within its view: Where observing how the Extremi-
ties terminate, either in streight Lines, which meet at discernible
Angles; or in crooked Lines, wherein no Angles can be perceived,
by considering these as they relate to one another, in all Parts of the
Extremities of any Body or Space, it has that Idea we call Figure,
which affords to the Mind infinite Variety. For besides the vast
Number of different Figures, that do really exist in the coherent
masses of Matter, the Stock, that the Mind has in its Power, by
varying the Idea of Space; and thereby making still new Com-
positions, by repeating its own Ideas, and joining them as it pleases,
is perfectly inexhaustible: And so it can multiply Figures in
infinitum .
Locke Hum II, 13, §5, p. 168