— 162 —
Dark room.       §17. I pretend not to teach, but to enquire; and therefore can-
not but confess here again, That external and internal Sensation,
are the only passages that I can find, of Knowledge, to the Under-
standing. These alone, as far as I can discover, are the Windows by
— 163 —
which light is let into this dark Room. For, methinks, the Under-
standing is not much unlike a Closet wholly shut from light, with
only some little openings left, to let in external visible Resem-
blances, or Ideas of things without; would the Pictures coming into
such a dark Room but stay there, and lie so orderly as to be found
upon occasion, it would very much resemble the Understanding of
a Man, in reference to all Objects of sight, and the Ideas of them.
      These are my Guesses concerning the means whereby the Under-
standing comes to have, and retain simple Ideas, and the modes of
them, with some other operations about them. I proceed now to
examine some of these simple Ideas, and their Modes, a little more
Locke Hum II, 11, §17, pp. 162-163