— 159 —
Brutes abstract not.       §10. If it may be doubted, Whether Beasts compound and enlarge
their Ideas that way, to any degree: This, I think, I may be positive
in, That the power of Abstracting is not at all in them; and that the
having of general Ideas, is that which puts a perfect distinction
betwixt Man and Brutes; and is an Excellency which the Faculties
of Brutes do by no means attain to. For it is evident, we observe no
— 160 —
foot-steps in them, of making use of general signs for universal
Ideas; from which we have reason to imagine, that they have not the
faculty of abstracting, or making general Ideas, since they have no
use of Words, or any other general Signs.
Locke Hum II, 11, §10, pp. 159-160