— 157 —
Brutes compare, but imperfectly.       §5. How far Brutes partake in this faculty, is not easie to
determine; I imagine they have it not in any great degree: For
though they probably have several Ideas distinct enough, yet it
seems to me to be the Prerogative of Humane Understanding, when
it has sufficiently distinguished any Ideas, so as to perceive them to
be perfectly different, and so consequently two, to cast about and
consider in what circumstances they are capable to be compared.
And therefore, I think, Beasts compare not their Ideas, farther than
— 158 —
some sensible Circumstances annexed to the Objects themselves.
The other power of Comparing, which may be observed in Men,
belonging to general Ideas, and useful only to abstract Reasonings,
we may probably conjecture Beasts have not.
Locke Hum II, 11, §5, pp. 157-158