— 152 —
Constantly repeated Ideas can scarce be lost.       §6. But concerning the Ideas themselves, it is easie to remark,
That those that are oftenest refreshed (amongst which are those that
are conveyed into the Mind by more ways than one) by a frequent
return of the Objects or Actions that produce them, fix themselves
best in the Memory, and remain clearest and longest there; and
therefore those, which are of the original Qualities of Bodies, viz.
Solidity, Extension, Figure, Motion, and Rest, and those that almost
constantly affect our Bodies, as Heat and Cold; and those which are
the Affections of all kinds of Beings, as Existence, Duration, and
Number, which almost every Object that affects our Senses, every
Thought which imploys our Minds, bring along with them:
These, I say, and the like Ideas, are seldom quite lost, whilst the
Mind retains any Ideas at all.
Locke Hum II, 10, §6, p. 152