— 150 —
Attention, Repetition, Pleasure, and Pain fix Ideas.       §3. Attention and Repetition help much to the fixing any Ideas in the
Memory: But those, which naturally at first make the deepest, and
most lasting Impression, are those, which are accompanied with
Pleasure or Pain. The great Business of the Senses, being to make us
take notice of what hurts, or advantages the Body, it is wisely
ordered by Nature (as has been shewn) that Pain should accompany
the Reception of several Ideas; which supplying the Place of Con-
sideration and Reasoning in Children, and acting quicker than
Consideration in grown Men, makes both the Young and Old avoid
painful Objects, with that haste, which is necessary for their
Preservation; and in both settles in the Memory a caution for the
Locke Hum II, 10, §3, p. 150