— 149 —
Perception the inlet of Knowledge.       §15. Perception then being the first step and degree towards Know-
ledge, and the inlet of all the Materials of it, the fewer Senses any Man,
as well as any other Creature, hath; and the fewer and duller the
Impressions are, that are made by them; and the duller the Faculties
are, that are employed about them, the more remote are they from
that Knowledge, which is to be found in some Men. But this being
in great variety of Degrees, (as may be perceived amongst Men,)
cannot certainly be discovered in the several Species of Animals,
much less in their particular Individuals. It suffices me only to have
remarked here, that Perception is the first Operation of all our
intellectual Faculties, and the inlet of all Knowledge into our
Minds. And I am apt too to imagine, That it is Perception in the
lowest degree of it, which puts the Boundaries between Animals,
and the inferior ranks of Creatures. But this I mention only as my
conjecture by the by, it being indifferent to the Matter in Hand,
which way the Learned shall determine of it.
Locke Hum II, 9, §15, p. 149