— 148 —
      §13. We may, I think, from the Make of an Oyster, or Cockle,
reasonably conclude, that it has not so many, nor so quick Senses,
as a Man, or several other Animals; nor if it had, would it, in that
state and incapacity of transferring it self from one place to another,
be better’d by them. What good would Sight and Hearing do to a
Creature, that cannot move it self to, or from the Objects, wherein
at a distance it perceives Good or Evil? And would not quickness of
Sensation, be an Inconvenience to an Animal, that must lie still,
where Chance has once placed it; and there receive the afflux of
colder or warmer, clean or foul Water, as it happens to come to it?
Locke Hum II, 9, §13, p. 148