— 144 —
      §6. But though it be reasonable to imagine, that Children receive
some Ideas before they come into the World, yet these simple Ideas
are far from those innate Principles, which some contend for, and we
above have rejected. These here mentioned, being the effects of
Sensation, are only from some Affections of the Body, which happen
to them there, and so depend on something exterior to the Mind; no
otherwise differing in their manner of production from other Ideas
derived from Sense, but only in the precedency of Time: Whereas
those innate Principles are supposed to be of quite another nature;
not coming into the Mind by any accidental alterations in, or
operations on the Body; but, as it were, original Characters
— 145 —
impressed upon it, in the very first moment of its Being and
Locke Hum II, 9, §6, pp. 144-145