— 141 —
The 1.st. are Resemblances. The 2d. thought Resemblances, but are not. The 3d. neither are nor are thought so.       §24. But though these two later sorts of Qualities are Powers barely,
and nothing but Powers, relating to several other Bodies, and
resulting from the different Modifications of the Original Qualities;
yet they are generally otherwise thought of. For the Second sort, viz.
The Powers to produce several Ideas in us by our Senses, are looked
upon as real Qualities, in the things thus affecting us: But the Third sort
are call’d, and esteemed barely Powers. v.g. the Idea of Heat, or Light,
which we receive by our Eyes, or touch from the Sun, are common-
ly thought real Qualities, existing in the Sun, and something more
than mere Powers in it. But when we consider the Sun, in reference
to Wax, which it melts or blanches, we look upon the Whiteness
and Softness produced in the Wax, not as Qualities in the Sun, but
Effects produced by Powers in it: Whereas, if rightly considered,
these Qualities of Light and Warmth, which are Perceptions in me
when I am warmed, or enlightned by the Sun, are no otherwise in
the Sun, than the changes made in the Wax, when it is blanched or
melted, are in the Sun. They are all of them equally Powers in the
Sun, depending on its primary Qualities; whereby it is able in the
one case, so to alter the Bulk, Figure, Texture, or Motion of some of
the insensible parts of my Eyes, or Hands, as thereby to produce in
me the Idea of Light or Heat; and in the other, it is able so to alter
the Bulk, Figure, Texture, or Motion of the insensible Parts of the
Wax, as to make them fit to produce in me the distinct Ideas of
White and Fluid.
Locke Hum II, 8, §24, p. 141