— 137 —
      §16. Flame is denominated Hot and Light; Snow White and Cold;
and Manna White and Sweet, from the Ideas they produce in us.
Which Qualities are commonly thought to be the same in those
Bodies, that those Ideas are in us, the one the perfect resemblance of
the other, as they are in a Mirror; and it would by most Men be
judged very extravagant, if one should say otherwise. And yet he,
that will consider, that the same Fire, that at one distance produces in
us the Sensation of Warmth, does at a nearer approach, produce in
us the far different Sensation of Pain, ought to bethink himself,
what Reason he has to say, That his Idea of Warmth, which was
produced in him by the Fire, is actually in the Fire; and his Idea of
Pain, which the same Fire produced in him the same way, is not in the
Fire. Why is Whiteness and Coldness in Snow, and Pain not, when
it produces the one and the other Idea in us; and can do neither,
but by the Bulk, Figure, Number, and Motion of its solid Parts?
Locke Hum II, 8, §16, p. 137