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The Idea of Perception, and Idea of Willing, we have from Reflection.       §2. The two great and principal Actions of the Mind, which are
most frequently considered, and which are so frequent, that every
one that pleases, may take notice of ’em in himself, are these two:

Perception, or Thinking, and
Volition, or Willing.

The Power of Thinking is called the Understanding, and the Power of
Volition is called the Will, and these two Powers or Abilities in the
Mind are denominated Faculties. Of some of the Modes of these
simple Ideas of Reflection, such as are Remembrance, Discerning,
Reasoning, Judging, Knowledge, Faith, etc. I shall have occasion to
speak hereafter.
Locke Hum II, 6, §2, pp. 127-128