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What it is.       §6. If any one asks me, What this Solidity is, I send him to his
Senses to inform him: Let him put a Flint, or a Foot-ball between
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his Hands; and then endeavour to join them, and he will know. If he
thinks this not a sufficient Explication of Solidity, what it is, and
wherein it consists; I promise to tell him, what it is, and wherein it
consists, when he tells me what thinking is, or wherein it consists;
or explain to me, what Extension or Motion is, which, perhaps,
seems much easier. The simple Ideas we have are such, as experience
teaches them us; but if beyond that, we endeavour, by Words, to
make them clearer in the Mind, we shall succeed no better, than if
we went about to clear up the Darkness of a blind Man’s mind, by
talking; and to discourse into him the Ideas of Light and Colours.
The Reason of this, I shall shew, in another Place.
Locke Hum II, 4, §6, pp. 126-127