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The Operations of our Minds, the other Source of them.       §4. Secondly, The other Fountain, from which Experience
furnisheth the Understanding with Ideas, is the Perception of the
Operations of our own Minds within us, as it is employ’d about the Ideas
it has got; which Operations, when the Soul comes to reflect on, and
consider, do furnish the Understanding with another set of Ideas,
which could not be had from things without: and such are, Per-
ception, Thinking, Doubting, Believing, Reasoning, Knowing, Willing, and
all the different actings of our own Minds; which we being con-
scious of, and observing in our selves, do from these receive into our
Understandings, as distinct Ideas, as we do from Bodies affecting our
Senses. This Source of Ideas, every Man has wholly in himself: And
though it be not Sense, as having nothing to do with external
Objects; yet it is very like it, and might properly enough be call’d
internal Sense. But as I call the other Sensation, so I call this RE-
FLECTION, the Ideas it affords being such only, as the Mind gets by
reflecting on its own Operations within it self. By REFLECTION
then, in the following part of this Discourse, I would be understood
to mean, that notice which the Mind takes of its own Operations,
and the manner of them, by reason whereof, there come to be Ideas
of these Operations in the Understanding. These two, I say, viz.
External, Material things, as the Objects of SENSATION; and the
Operations of our own Minds within, as the Objects of REFLEC-
TION, are, to me, the only Originals, from whence all our Ideas
take their beginnings. The term Operations here, I use in a large
sence, as comprehending not barely the Actions of the Mind about
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its Ideas, but some sort of Passions arising sometimes from them,
such as is the satisfaction or uneasiness arising from any thought.
Locke Hum II, 1, §4, pp. 105-106