— 14 —

terms to signifie, 1. Some immediate object of the Mind, which it perceives
and has before it distinct from the sound it uses as a sign of it
. 2. That this
Idea thus
determined, i.e. which the Mind has in it self, and knows, and sees
there be
determined without any change to that name, and that name
determined to that precise Idea. If Men had such determined Ideas in
their enquiries and discourses, they would both discern how far their own
enquiries and discourses went, and avoid the greatest part of the Disputes
and Wranglings they have with others.
      Besides this the Bookseller will think it necessary I should advertise the
Reader, that there is an addition of two Chapters wholly new; the one
of the
Association of Ideas, the other of Enthusiasm. These with some other
larger additions never before printed, he has engaged to print by themselves
after the same manner, and for the same purpose as was done when this
had the Second Impression.
      In this fifth Edition, there is very little added or altered; the greatest
part of what is new, is contained in the
21 Chapter of the second Book, which
any one, if he thinks it worth the while, may, with a very little Labour,
transcribe into the Margent of the former Edition.

Locke Hum EpR, p. 14