— 5 —

Lordship; Favors, though great and important in themselves, yet
made much more so by the Forwardness, Concern, and Kindness,
and other obliging Circumstances, that never failed to accompany
them. To all this you are pleased to add that, which gives yet more
weight and relish to all the rest: You vouchsafe to continue me in
some degrees of your Esteem, and allow me a place in your good
Thoughts, I had almost said Friendship. This, my Lord, your
Words and Actions so constantly shew on all occasions, even to
others when I am absent, that it is not Vanity in me to mention,
what every body knows: But it would be want of good Manners
not to acknowledge what so many are Witnesses of, and every day
tell me, I am indebted to your Lordship for. I wish they could as
easily assist my Gratitude, as they convince me of the great and
growing Engagements it has to your Lordship. This I am sure, I
should write of the Understanding without having any, if I were not
extremely sensible of them, and did not lay hold on this Oppor-
tunity to testifie to the World, how much I am obliged to be, and
how much I am,

Dorset Court 24th
of May 1689.
My Lord,
Your Lordship’s,
Most Humble, and
Most Obedient Servant,
Locke Hum Ep, p. 5