— 4 —

The Imputation of Novelty, is a terrible charge amongst those,
who judge of Men’s Heads, as they do of their Perukes, by the
Fashion; and can allow none to be right, but the received Doctrines.
Truth scarce ever yet carried it by Vote any where at its first
appearance: New Opinons are always suspected, and usually
opposed, without any other Reason, but because they are not
already common. But Truth, like Gold, is not the less so, for being
newly brought out of the Mine. ’Tis Trial and Examination must
give it price, and not any antick Fashion: And though it be not yet
current by the publick stamp; yet it may, for all that, be as old as
Nature, and is certainly not the less genuine. Your Lordship can
give great and convincing Instances of this, whenever you please to
oblige the Publick with some of those large and comprehensive
Discoveries, you have made, of Truths, hitherto unknown, unless
to some few, to whom your Lordship has been pleased not wholly
to conceal them. This alone were a sufficient Reason, were there no
other, why I should Dedicate this Essay to your Lordship; and its
having some little Correspondence with some parts of that nobler
and vast System of the Sciences, your Lordship has made, so new,
exact, and instructive a Draught of, I think it Glory enough, if your
Lordship permit me to boast, that here and there I have fallen into
some Thoughts not wholly different from yours. If your Lordship
think fit, that, by your encouragement, this should appear in the
World, I hope it may be a Reason, some time or other, to lead your
Lordship farther; and you will allow me to say, That you here give
the World an earnest of something, that, if they can bear with this,
Will be truly worth their expectation. This, my Lord, shews what a
Present I here make to your Lordship; just such as the poor Man
does to his Rich and Great Neighbour, by whom the Basket of
Flowers, or Fruit, is not ill taken, though he has more plenty of his
own growth, and in much greater perfection. Worthless Things
receive a Value, when they are made the Offerings of Respect,
Esteem, and Gratitude: These you have given me so mighty and
peculiar Reasons to have, in the highest degree, for your Lordship,
that if they can add a price to what they go along with, proportion-
able to their own Greatness, I can with Confidence brag, I here make
your Lordship the richest Present, you ever received. This I am
sure, I am under the greates Obligation to seek all occasions to
acknowledge a long Train of Favors, I have received from your
Locke Hum Ep, p. 4