— 3 —

Pembroke and Montgomery,
Baron Herbert of Cardiff, Lord Ross of Kendal,
Par, Fitzhugh, Marmion, St. Quintin, and Shur-
land; Lord President of his Majesties most Honour-
able Privy-Council, and Lord Lieutenant of the
County of Wilts, and of South Wales.

      My LORD,
This Treatise, which is grown up under you Lordship’s Eye, and
has ventured into the World by your Order, does now, by a natural
kind of Right, come to your Lordship for that Protection, which you
several years since promised it. ’Tis not that I think any Name, how
great soever, set at the beginning of a Book, will be able to cover
the Faults are to be found in it. Things in print must stand and fall
by their own Worth, or the Reader’s Fancy. But there being noth-
ing more to be desired for Truth, than a fair unprejudiced Hearing,
no body is more likely to procure me that, than your Lordship, who
are allowed to have got so intimate an Acquaintance with her, in
her more retired recesses. Your Lordship is known to have so far
advanced your Speculations in the most abstract and general
Knowledge of Things, beyond the ordinary reach, or common
Methods, that your Allowance, and Approbation of the Design
of this Treatise, will at least preserve it from being condemned
without reading; and will prevail to have those Parts a little
weighted, which might otherwise, perhaps, be thought to deserve
no Consideration, for being somewhat out of the common road.
Locke Hum Ep, p. 3