— 95 —
Idea of Substance not innate       §18. I confess, there is another Idea, which would be of general
use for Mankind to have, as it is of general talk as if they had it;
and that is the Idea of Substance, which we neither have, nor can have,
by Sensation or Reflection. If Nature took care to provide us any Ideas,
we might well expect it should be such, as by our own Faculties we
cannot procure to our selves: But we see on the contrary, that since
by those ways, whereby other Ideas are brought into our Minds,
this is not, We have no such clear Idea at all, and therefore signify
nothing by the word Substance, but only an uncertain supposition of
we know not what; (i.e. of something whereof we have no particular
distinct positive) Idea, which we take to be the substratum, or sup-
port, of those Ideas we do know.
Locke Hum I, 4, §18, p. 95