— 92 —
Ideas of GOD various in different Men       §13. I grant, That if there were any Ideas to be found imprinted on
the Minds of Men, we have reason to expect, it should be the Notion of
his Maker, as a mark GOD set on his own Workmanship, to mind
Man of his dependance and Duty; and that herein should appear the
first instances of humane Knowledge. But how late is it before any
such notion is discoverable in Children? And when we find it there,
How much more does it resemble the Opinion, and Notion of the
Teacher, than represent the True God? He that shall observe in
Children, the progress whereby their Minds attain the knowledge
they have, will think, that the Objects they do first, and most
familiarly converse with, are those that make the first impressions
on their Understandings: Nor will he find the least footsteps of any
other. It is easie to take notice, how their Thoughts enlarge them-
selves, only as they come to be acquainted with a greater variety of
sensible Objects, to retain the Ideas of them in their memories; and to
get the skill to compound and enlarge them, and several ways put
them together. How by these means they come to frame in their
minds an Idea Men have of a Deity, I shall hereafter shew.
Locke Hum I, 4, §13, p. 92