— 89 —
      §10. The Name of God being once mentioned in any part of the
World, to express a superior, powerful, wise, invisible Being, the
— 90 —
suitableness of such a Notion to the Principles of common Reason,
and the Interest Men will always have to mention it often, must
necessarily spread it far and wide; and continue it down to all
Generations: though yet the general reception of this Name, and some
imperfect and unsteady Notions, conveyed thereby to the unthinking part
of Mankind, prove not the Idea to be innate; but only that they, who
made the Discovery, had made a right use of their Reason, thought
maturely of the Causes of things, and traced them to their Original;
from whom other less considering People, having once received so
important a Notion, it could not easily be lost again.
Locke Hum I, 4, §10, pp. 89-90