— 87 —
Idea of Worship not innate.       §7. That God is to be worshipped, is, without doubt, as great a Truth
as any can enter into the mind of Man, and deserves the first place
amongst all practical Principles. But yet, it can by no means be
thought innate, unless the Ideas of God, and Worship, are innate.
That the Idea, the Term Worship stands for, is not in the Under-
standing of Children, and a Character stamped on the Mind in its
first Original, I think, will be easily granted, by any one, that con-
siders how few there be, amongst grown Men, who have a clear and
distinct Notion of it. And, I suppose, there cannot be any thing more
ridiculous, than to say, that Children have this practical Principle
innate, That God is to be worshipped; and yet, that they know not what
that Worship of God is, which is their Duty. But to pass by this.
Locke Hum I, 4, §7, p. 87