— 86 —
      §5. Nor let any one think, that the Questions, I have here
proposed, about the Identity of Man, are bare, empty Speculations;
which if they were, would be enough to shew, That there was in the
Understandings of Men no innate Idea of Identity. He, that shall,
with a little Attention, reflect on the Resurrection, and consider,
that Divine Justice shall bring to Judgment, at the last Day, the
very same Persons, to be happy or miserable in the other, who did
well or ill in this Life, will find it, perhaps, not easy to resolve with
himself, what makes the same Man, or wherein Identity consists:
And will not be forward to think he, and every one, even Children
themselves, have naturally a clear Idea of it.
Locke Hum I, 4, §5, p. 86